The Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership stands at the intersection of scholarship and practice, providing both rigorous analysis and practical application of key leadership principles. We illuminate best practices, current trends, emerging issues, and leadership skills.

The Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership also produces written material through our publishing branch, Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press, to help clients and students build their own capacity for leadership and effective communication. The Agony of Decision, the first book published under the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press imprint, was recognized as one of the “51 Best Crisis Management Books of All Time” in 2018 by Book Authority, the leading resource for nonfiction book recommendations.

Here, you’ll find our latest blog and news posts, videos, books, and best practice guides.

Crisis Simulations: Why practice can make all the difference

Imagine taking your driver’s test without ever having driven a car or taken a driver’s education course. You’d more likely end up straddled on a curb with a dented bumper than passing the test with flying colors, right? Had you practiced beforehand, you almost...
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The Plague of Hate: What Now?

“You f*&#ing stupid Asian!” On a sunny afternoon in 2017, a man hurled this insult at me as I was crossing Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan, minding my own business. I didn’t take it seriously at the time. It was my second year living in the U.S., and I thought I...
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When Facts Alone Are Not Enough: The Importance of “Soft Skills”

Nearly every rising business leader can talk to you about their technical skill (read: job) until they (and you) are blue in the face. It’s what they do and what they are good at. But technical skills, also referred to as “hard skills,” can only get you so far in a...
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Crisis Response Principles: Part I

The Feeling For most of us, the days start the same way. You turn over, turn off your alarm, and then check your phone or email notifications. Most of the time, the notifications you find are the typical daily intrusions or distractions. But imagine this. One day you...
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How Communication Professionals Can Win a Seat at the Table

The Dilemma If you are a communication professional, then you have probably experienced that moment of frustration when you’ve given vitally important advice to your boss, but it landed on deaf ears or they didn’t seem to be interested at all in what you had to say....
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The Logos Learning Center is Open for Business: Your Questions Answered!

This week, the Logos Consulting Group launched our new online learning platform, the Logos Learning Center. The Logos Learning Center is designed to help everyone bolster their leadership skills so that they can ignite and inspire those who matter to them to create...
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2021 Will Be a Great Year

The year 2020 will go down in the history books forever. This year is riddled with so much emotion. (It has all of the elements of perfect storytelling; I have a feeling there is enough trauma, drama, ridiculousness, and entertainment here that someone may even make a...
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Logos Institute Press Celebrates the Launch of its Third Title ‘The Power of Genuine Leadership’

On Thursday December 10, Logos Institute Press held a virtual celebration for the launch of its third title, The Power of Genuine Leadership: How Authentic Leaders Earn Trust by Patrick Donahue PhD. It is also the third title in the Logos Institute Best Practices...
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Helio Fred Garcia on How Leaders Can Prepare for the US Election

Many crises are not foreseeable, but civil unrest after the election is and leaders and organization should prepare for this. On Monday, October 19,...
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GUEST COLUMN: Trump Leading Source of COVID-19 Misinformation, Says Cornell Alliance for Science

President Trump likes to label anything he doesn’t agree with Fake News. But it turns out that he’s the largest disseminator of misinformation about coronavirus, according to Cornell University’s Alliance for Science.

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GUEST COLUMN: Perhaps the Largest Failure of Leadership in U.S. History

With two hundred thousand American fatalities so far, three quarters of which could have been prevented through decisive and consistent leadership, Trump’s handling of COVID-19 may be more than the failure of a leadership test of a lifetime. It may well be the worst handled crisis, and the most significant failure of leadership, in United States history.

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PRESS RELEASE: New Edition of Reputation Management Published

New York, NY (July 30, 2020) – Last week, the fourth edition of Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate...
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