We work for some of the largest and best-known companies in the world.  And we work for small, focused organizations known only in narrow but important circles.

Our clients include companies at the forefront of medical innovation; institutions at the heart of global finance; global companies that manage risk; leading research universities; and even startups and nonprofits at the beginning of ambitious journeys. All of them know that reputation can mean the difference between success and failure.

We have developed relationships with our clients, some that have lasted for more than twenty years without interruption, working with successive leadership teams, with different departments, and on a variety of projects.

Regardless of sector or size, our clients represent those organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world at large and in their own sectors.

  • Finance and Investments: We advise leaders of some of the largest and best known banks, securities firms, investment management firms, and insurance companies.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: We advise leaders of leading pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and healthcare delivery companies.
  • Professional Services: We advise leaders of law firms, accounting and consulting firms, advertising agencies, PR firms, and specialty professional services firms
  • Technology: We advise leaders of technology firms including hardware manufacturing and OEM contract manufacturing, software application development, and computer and information services.
  • Consumer Brands: We advise leaders of companies that manufacture and market consumer products and high-end consumer brands, including food and beverage, lodging and entertainment, alcohol beverage manufacturing and distribution, transportation, and sports.
  • Heavy Industry and Manufacturing:  We advise leaders of heavy industry including trucking and industrial equipment, transportation, aerospace, energy, logistics supply for supply chain management, and commodities.
  • Education: We advise leaders of universities, colleges, and secondary schools
  • Government: We advise leaders of federal, state, and municipal, and other government agencies and elements of the armed forces, in the US and abroad.
  • NGOs, Not-for-Profits, Religious Institutions, and Civic Organizations: We advise leaders of non-governmental organizations, religious denominations and organizations, mutli-religious organizations, artistic, cultural, and civic institutions, and other not-for-profit agencies.
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