Disassembling the UN Assembly, with Bloomberg News

Disassembling the UN Assembly, with Bloomberg News
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2 Oct 2015 | 4:33PM

Last month I partnered with Bloomberg Politics to break down the second Republican presidential debate.

And yesterday I teamed up again with Bloomberg’s Andre Tartar to analyze the United Nations General Assembly, with help from my Logos colleague Michelle Cioffoletti. We took apart the 12 General Assembly speeches by G20 heads of state and government, pinpointing everything from the very many names of ISIS to the very few mentions of inequality.

You can check out the full piece on Bloomberg.com, but there are two graphics you’ll only find here: One showing which countries got the most attention from G20 leaders, and another showing the stunning relationship between G20 leaders’ military spending and military talk.

UNGA 2015 - Country Count

UNGA 2015 - War Words

The full Bloomberg piece is online here.

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Posted on: October 2, 2015
Posted by: Adam

One thought on “Disassembling the UN Assembly, with Bloomberg News”

  1. Chuck Garcia says:

    Great post Adam. Thanks for the analysis; very insightful!

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