Adam Tiouririne

Adam Tiouririne advises Logos clients on crisis management and strategic communication, coaches executives for high-stakes engagement, and researches language, leadership, and the media. He serves as the Bloomberg Politics language analyst for the 2016 presidential election.

Based in Chicago, Adam helps clients around the world to manage and communicate through their defining challenges, including leadership changes, major product launches, and investor relations. He coaches — and, playing the role of stakeholder, grills — senior executives in finance, pharma, and other industries.

As a Bloomberg contributor, Adam breaks down the biggest events in politics for hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers — from 2016 presidential debates and conventions to the State of the Union and the UN General Assembly. His research has also been mentioned in Politico and Foreign Policy.

Outside of Logos, Adam has helped measure and manage liquidity risk at Goldman Sachs; supported local communicators in the China headquarters of Cargill; and created long-term media analysis tools for United States Senator Dick Durbin and his staff.

Adam regularly guest-lectures and advises graduate students on their thesis projects at New York University, where he studied Economics and graduated summa cum laude from the Stern School of Business.

He serves as a public address announcer for the Illinois Marathon and other sporting events, and as a passionate armchair quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Phone 312.753.3306 Mobile 217.721.1506 E-mail LinkedIn

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