Crisis Management Guidebook, Vol. 3: “Why Having a Decisive Crisis Plan is to Your Advantage”

“Like a general commanding his troops, you will be able to mobilize and direct your organization’s C-suite and personnel to take the steps needed to manage and mitigate the crisis, both from an external and internal communications perspective.

But what if you’ve been caught unawares or your crisis expertise in this area has not been utilized in some time?

Then you will need a thorough immersion or re-introduction to the subject, which PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook, Volume 3, will provide. Written by top-tier crisis experts, the guidebook offers a wealth of information and resources that will help you put out the fires when disaster strikes. From litigation PR and digital communications to media relations and reputation management, everything you need to know to master the problematic world of crisis communications and management is in here.”

Buy the book here.

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