A key part of Logos Consulting Group’s client work is conducted via the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership.


“Logos helps leaders to engage the people who matter to them when it matters most,”

– Helio Fred Garcia

At the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership, we empower leaders through our executive coaching practice to take their leadership to the next level.

From managing a crisis to launching a product, from leading employees to speaking with reporters, leadership itself requires the same rigor as other parts of business. But, too often, when the time comes to engage stakeholders in pursuit of that success, leaders abandon that rigor. To engage stakeholders effectively, leaders need clear goals, a clear understanding of the people who matter, and the discipline and tools to engage their stakeholders effectively.

We have coached more than 400 CEOs and thousands of other senior executives in large corporations representing a variety of complex fields. We have helped leaders in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, financial services, religious organizations, and not-for-profit advocacy groups.

Our executive education programs include classroom-style sessions ranging in size from 5 to 500, as well as team-building exercises and simulations on a variety of modules. We employ the most dynamic instructional methods, combined with the latest research from our idea laboratory, to provide a core grounding in best practices.

We also privately coach leaders on how to manage relationships with their boards of directors and other critical stakeholders, and how to communicate more effectively with multiple audiences. Our coaching is driven by the individual needs of the client, and can include ways to manage relationships with superiors, peers, and subordinates; succession skills development; and assessment of colleagues’ aptitudes and abilities.

We also coach executives identified as high potential, but whose presence or interpersonal style doesn’t position them well for a top spot. We work closely with such executives to help them build self-awareness, understand how they’re perceived, and re-calibrate their style to prepare them for the next level of leadership.

Our clients tell us that the Logos way of coaching and teaching is intellectually stimulating, emotionally resonant, immediately applicable, and foundational – allowing them to continue learning and applying our lessons long after the sessions end.

Effective Engagement – In Person and Remotely

This module focuses on the physicality of interpersonal connection, and how to master the particular challenges of interpersonal connection through remote technology. 



Deliver Outstanding Speeches and Executive Presentations


This module focuses on the content creation and physical delivery of keynote speeches, TED Talks, or other high-stakes/high-visibility public communication.



Press Interview Skills

This module focuses on the mindset, techniques, and tools that lead to interviews with journalists securing the right kind of story.



Effective Television Interviews and Performance

This module focuses on the performance skills necessary to be effective in television or radio/podcast interviews, including 60 Minutes, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Fox Business, etc.



Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Skills

We help executives, teams, and departments understand organizational behavior, stakeholder dynamics, and communication when crises or catastrophes strike.



Communicating in a Crisis

This module focuses on the drivers of trust and ways to keep trust or restore trust when things have gone wrong; when people are at risk; and when business operations are no longer healthy.



Navigating Difficult Conversations

This module focuses on strategies for effective interpersonal interactions when relationships get strained, when performance is sub-optimal, or when teams become dysfunctional.



Critical Engagements Coaching and Preparation

We prepare leaders for high-stakes interactions where their personal reputation and credibility are at stake.



Communicate Strategically

This module focuses on the rigor necessary to use communication to secure a business outcome.



Managing Meaning

This module focuses on framing: the creation of context that leads audiences to a desired conclusion.



Persuasive Storytelling

This module focuses on ways to structure communication to keep an audience engaged by creating dramatic tension between the current reality and desired future state. Such communication inspires an audience to more quickly support an idea, change a behavior, or say yes to a request.



Intensive Media Skills Coaching

This intensive media skills coaching helps those with little prior media experience become effective spokespeople.



Assessment and Skill Development of Corporate Communication Departments

We work with organizations to assess their communication and/or PR departments, and train those tasked primarily with communication to be as effective as possible in their work.




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