Our clients are both global leaders and highly-focused smaller firms


Leaders change the world. But they don’t do it alone.

They ignite others toward a common cause. They inspire others to believe in their vision of a better world. Of a kinder world. Of inclusion. Of peace. Of justice. Of so much more.

At Logos Consulting Group, we believe in this world and we see this world in the work that we do. Our mission is to build a better world by equipping people to become leaders who ignite change in the world for the good.

We do this by helping our clients inspire those who matter to them to make a difference in their own industries and communities, and the world at large. We advise and coach our clients in three key areas: crisis managementcrisis communication; and executive coaching.

We work with some of the largest and best-known companies in the world, and with smaller, specialized organizations that have significant influence on business and social issues. We develop long relationships with our clients — including some that have lasted for more than twenty years, as we partner with successive leadership teams. Our clients include enterprises at the forefront of medical innovation, financial institutions at the heart of global finance, and global companies that manage risk. We also serve leading research universities as well as startups and nonprofits at the beginning of ambitious journeys.

Regardless of industry or form of organization, we help our clients build competitive advantage when the stakes are high.

  • Finance and Investments: We advise leaders of some of the largest and best known banks, securities firms, investment management firms, and insurance companies.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: We advise leaders of leading pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and healthcare delivery companies.
  • Professional Services: We advise leaders of law firms, accounting and consulting firms, advertising agencies, PR firms, and specialty professional services firms
  • Technology: We advise leaders of technology firms including hardware manufacturing and OEM contract manufacturing, software application development, and computer and information services.
  • Consumer Brands: We advise leaders of companies that manufacture and market consumer products and high-end consumer brands, including food and beverage, lodging and entertainment, alcohol beverage manufacturing and distribution, transportation, and sports.
  • Heavy Industry and Manufacturing:  We advise leaders of heavy industry including trucking and industrial equipment, transportation, aerospace, energy, logistics supply for supply chain management, and commodities.
  • Education: We advise leaders of universities, colleges, and secondary schools.
  • Government: We advise leaders of federal, state, and municipal, and other government agencies and elements of the armed forces, in the US and abroad.
  • NGOs, Not-for-Profits, Religious Institutions, and Civic Organizations: We advise leaders of non-governmental organizations, religious denominations and organizations, mutli-religious organizations, artistic, cultural, and civic institutions, and other not-for-profit agencies.

Pro Bono

One of the core values at Logos is the application of our gifts to causes we care about. We have an active pro bono publico practice, where we take on clients for causes in which we have an interest without regard to our own or the firm’s compensation. Our consultants are personally involved or have an interest in causes that support civic, artistic, cultural, educational, development, and religious organizations. We serve on the governing boards of non-profits, NGOs, and social initiatives. We also mentor young professionals and students. And we volunteer our time and capacities to help good causes succeed in fulfilling their missions.



Crisis management is the management of choices – the management of decisions that companies and leaders take when things have the potential to go very wrong.



Crisis communication is a subset of crisis management that focuses on engaging stakeholders to maintain, restore, or enhance trust and confidence when something goes wrong.


A key part of Logos Consulting Group’s client work is conducted via the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership.



We work closely with senior management teams to illuminate best practices and emerging trends as well as provide guidance on how to define, implement and communicate corporate responsibility efforts.


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We are a small firm based in New York with a global footprint, a global reach, and global influence. Each of our senior consultants has lived, studied, or worked outside of the United States for an extended period of time; half of us are immigrants to the United States.  We speak multiple languages and are culturally multi-lingual as well. We have done work for Logos clients on six continents and in dozens of countries.

Europe, Middle
East, and Africa
Costa Rica
South Africa
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

University Teaching

Every member of the Logos team shares a love of teaching. Most of our fellows are affiliated with one or more graduate institutions. Some of us have one or more formal faculty appointments. All of us teach via Logos Institute at universities that contract with us.


Among the U.S. institutions with which we are affiliated or at which we have had significant teaching experience are:

  • New York University: Stern School of Business; School of Professional Studies, MS in Public Relations / Corporate Communication; Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • Columbia University: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Law School; Graduate School of Journalism; School of Business; Barnard College, Athena Institute
  • Harvard Business School
  • Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania: MBA and Executive MBA, Philadelphia; Wharton West Executive MBA, San Francisco
  • Rutgers University Business School
  • Johns Hopkins University, Master’s in Public Relations
  • Starr King School for the Ministry, Graduate Theological Union
  • Mercy College School of Business, Institute for Ethics, Leadership, and Strategic Communication
  • Mount Saint Mary College
  • Middlebury College
  • Baruch College
  • Rider University
  • Seton Hall University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Purchase College, State University of New York
  • The City College of New York
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Brigham Young University
  • University of Florida
  • Elon University
  • Marist College
  • Lycoming College
  • The Brookings Institution
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • United States Marine Corps: General Officer Warfighting Course; Command and Staff College; Officer Candidate School; Combat Service Support Schools; Professional Military Education, II Marine Expeditionary Force; Professional Military Education, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing; I Marine Expeditionary Force; 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit; East and West Coast Public Affairs Symposia; Brigadier General Select Orientation Course
  • United States Air Force, Air University, Air War College
  • United States Defense Information School
  • United States Coast Guard Academy

Among the institutions outside the U.S. with which we are affiliated or at which we have had significant teaching experience are:

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Master’s in Advanced Studies in Crisis Management and Security Policy (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Universidad de San Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru)
  • Fundação Getulio Vargas, Graduate Business School (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • New York University Shanghai (China)
  • Tsinghua University: School of International Communication, Institute for Public Relations and Strategic Communication; School of Management and Economics, MBA and Executive MBA programs (Beijing, China)
  • Communication University of China: School of International Studies; Academy of Media and Public Affairs (Beijing, China)
  • Peking University: Guanghua School of Management; School of Journalism and Communication (Beijing, China)
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Media and Design (China)
  • Shanghai International Studies University: MBA program; Undergraduate business program; English Language Arts program (China)
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, Nanjing Center (Nanjing, China)
  • Nanjing University (Nanjing, China)
  • Communication University of China, Nanjing (China)
  • Tianjin University, College of Management and Economics (Tianjin, China)
  • Nankai University, MBA Center (Tianjin, China)
  • Minzu University of China (Beijing, China)
  • Sino-British College (Shanghai, China)