Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership

Executive Education

A key part of Logos Consulting Group’s client work is conducted via the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership.

Any time we are building an individual client or client group’s personal capacity to perform over pressure, that work is done through Logos Institute.

This includes classroom-style sessions ranging in size from 5 to 500+; it includes one-on-one coaching; it includes team-building exercises and simulations, and executive mentoring and thought-partnership.

In our executive coaching and education work we bring the most dynamic instructional methods, combined with the latest research from our idea laboratory, combined further with a core grounding in best practices.  This produces a learning environment in which very senior and very busy people find themselves transformed into more effective leaders, communicators, and facilitators, who can put their new learning to work immediately in their jobs.

We are accustomed to working with highly-accomplished, busy senior-most leaders who often have to deal with high stakes situations and have found that they quickly rise to the occasion to engage us fully in their own professional development.

Our clients tell us that the Logos way of coaching and teaching is intellectually stimulating, emotionally resonant, grounded in both theory and reality, immediately applicable, and foundational – allowing executives to continue learning and applying our lessons long after the sessions.

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Logos Institute stands at the intersection of scholarship and practice, providing both rigorous analysis and practical application of key leadership principles. We illuminate best practices, current trends, emerging issues, and leadership skills.

The Logos Institute is a thought leader in its field, conducting research, publishing, and providing an extensive range of executive education workshops, seminars, conferences, and highly-customized coaching for senior executives of all sectors and around the world.