Humility Update: The New Hampshire Primary

rt_clinton_emotional3_080109_ms.jpgThank you all for your very thoughtful comments on my post on humility as a leadership attribute.

Today (the day after the New Hampshire primary) I’ve gotten lots of calls and e-mails from people who read my original post, all commenting on Senator Hillary Clinton’s surprise victory in New Hampshire.

As you know, after the Iowa caucuses the conventional wisdom was that Senator Barack Obama, who had captured the women’s vote on his way to overwhelming victory in Iowa, would replicate his triumph in the New Hampshire primary.

Then Senator Clinton had a moment that changed the story. (See the YouTube video of her emotional moment.) Depending on which pundits you listen to, she either had an uncharacteristic moment of authentic vulnerability or a highly-contrived moment of inauthentic vulnerability. But the vulnerability — roundly interpreted as weakness — was seen to have changed the outcome.

It’s probably too soon to know for sure whether the expression of emotion really made such a difference. But it’s very interesting that vulnerability – however authentic it may be – is now seen to have propelled her to the front of the pack.

We’ll keep watching; your comments and reactions are welcomed…


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Posted on: January 9, 2008
Posted by: Fred

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