Adam Tiouririne Guest Lectures at NYU EMBA Crisis Course

Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership senior fellow Adam Tiouririne led executive MBA students at New York University Stern School of Business through a session on crisis readiness on Friday, December 4.

The students, most in their last semester before earning their Executive MBA in January, were students in an elective in Crisis Management.  Their professor is Logos Institute executive director Helio Fred Garcia.

This seven-session elective focuses on the business decisions, management processes, and leadership skills necessary to anticipate, plan for, manage through, communicate about, and recover from crises affecting corporations and other complex organizations.

A key focus of the course is organizational behavior, especially the ways companies in distress and the stakeholders who matter to those companies predictably behave when things go wrong. Another important focus is leadership: how those who lead organizations can maintain the confidence and trust of internal and external stakeholders. The third is strategy: how to navigate a crisis in such a way as to protect long-term business interests and deliver on critical business strategies.

Adam Tiouririne teaching crisis readiness in NYU Executive MBA program

Adam Tiouririne teaching crisis readiness in NYU Executive MBA program

Tiouririne’s topic was readiness: how to foresee foreseeable events and how to be ready even for unforeseen events in order to maintain trust, confidence, and competitive advantage in a crisis.

He taught the students a proprietary planning process developed by Logos Institute, and then worked the students through a real-world application of that protocol.  In particular, students had previously learned the case of the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, and how BP had completely mishandled both the planning and response in that disaster.   Tiouririne took the students back to the minutes after the explosion, and had the students develop a response to the explosion.  Students, who are all senior executives in their companies, agreed that such an approach would have served BP far better than the ad hoc response it actually cobbled together.

Adam Tiouririne teaching crisis readiness at NYU Stern Executive MBA.

Adam Tiouririne teaching crisis readiness in NYU  Executive MBA program

This was the fifth time this year Tiouririne has spoken at New York University on crisis and related topics.  Earlier in the year he taught  crisis readiness and related topics in NYU’s School of Professional Students, MS in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. These included a course on Public Relations Consulting taught by Kristin Johnson, and courses on Crisis Communication taught by Oxana Trush and by Helio Fred Garcia.

Adam Tiouririne advises Logos clients on crisis management and strategic communication, coaches executives for high-stakes engagement, and researches language, leadership, and the media.  Based in Chicago, Adam helps clients around the world manage and communicate through challenges including regulatory scrutiny, major product launches, and leadership changes.  Adam earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics summa cum laude from New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he completed an Honors thesis on corporate political contributions.

Washington Square Arch, the gateway to NYU's main campus, where the Stern School of Business is housed.

Washington Square Arch, the gateway to NYU’s main campus, where the Stern School of Business is housed.


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