Adam Tiouririne Analyzes Rubio vs. Bush with Bloomberg Politics

Bloomberg Politics partnered with Adam Tiouririne of Logos to analyze the October 28 Republican debate, spotlighting the Floridian fight between Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

“Rubio landed at least nine applause and laugh lines throughout the two-hour debate, compared to just one recorded laugh for Bush, according to an analysis of a Federal News Service rush transcript conducted by Bloomberg Politics in partnership with Adam Tiouririne,” writes Andre Tartar, economic data editor for Bloomberg News.

When Rubio entered Florida politics, he found a willing mentor in Bush, then the state’s governor. But their latest debate tussle may have marked Rubio’s shift from apprentice to master.

Bloomberg - Debate Analysis - 28 Oct (R) Rubio Bush

Other findings include Rubio’s rise — and Bush’s fall — in election prediction markets after the showdown.¬†The full analysis¬†is available on, along with a full roundup of the debate.

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