Adam Tiouririne Analysis with Bloomberg Politics Finds Sanders Shift

By Adam Tiouririne
December 21st, 2015


Unconventional contender Bernie Sanders normalized his language at the December 19 Democratic Debate, according to a Bloomberg analysis with Adam Tiouririne of Logos.

“For Sanders, who has promised a ‘political revolution,’ the Democratic presidential candidates’ third face-to-face encounter Saturday in New Hampshire, represented an evolution,” write Tiouririne and Bloomberg economic data editor Andre Tartar.

Sanders focused more than ever on foreign policy, attempting to close a polling gap with frontrunner Hillary Clinton on that question, the analysis shows. That shift was reflected in the number of foreign policy-related attacks hurled between Sanders and Clinton, as well as in Sanders’s own words.

Bloomberg - Debate Analysis - 19 Dec (D)

The full analysis is available on

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