Adam Tiouririne Featured in Bloomberg Analysis of Democratic Debate

Bloomberg Politics partnered with Adam Tiouririne of Logos to quantify, analyze, and visualize another presidential debate — this time, for the Democrats’ October 13 showdown.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders “were far more aggressive than their on-stage counterparts in attacking Republicans and Wall Street, according to an analysis of CNN rush transcripts conducted by Bloomberg Politics in partnership with Adam Tiouririne,” writes Andre Tartar, economic data editor for Bloomberg News.

Late in the debate, moderator Anderson Cooper asked each candidate about his or her “proudest” enemy.¬†The analysis shows how these self-identified adversaries matched up with each candidate’s targets throughout the debate.

Bloomberg - Debate Analysis - 13 Oct (D)

The Chicago Tribune mentioned the piece in its own debate roundup, and the full analysis is available on

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