Logos Consulting Group helps clients manage the decisions that need to be made when things have the potential to go very wrong.

With over 35 years of experience helping institutions mitigate risk and recover from reputation-threatening events, Logos is an industry leader in crisis management and strategic communication that can help you maintain the trust and confidence of stakeholders when reputations are on the line.

In our executive coaching work at The Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership, we work with leaders from across industries and geographies to offer comprehensive training that combines dynamic instructional methods with the latest research from our idea laboratory.

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Crisis management is the management of choices – the management of decisions that companies and leaders take when things have the potential to go very wrong.



Crisis communication is a subset of crisis management that focuses on engaging stakeholders to maintain, restore, or enhance trust and confidence when something goes wrong.



A key part of Logos Consulting Group’s client work is conducted via the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership.



We work closely with senior management teams to illuminate best practices and emerging trends as well as provide guidance on how to define, implement and communicate corporate responsibility efforts.

Tiny Mistakes, Dire Consequences

All choices we make have consequences, no matter how big or small the choices are. And the deliberate and proactive management of choice is necessary for good leadership and crisis prevention.

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Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership Presents Inaugural Outstanding Leader Award to James E. Lukaszewski

On Thursday, November 16th, Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership gathered with nearly 50 communication industry guests to celebrate James E. Lukaszewski, “America’s Crisis Guru”®, as he was honored as the inaugural, 2017 recipient of the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership Outstanding Leader Award.

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Logos President Launches Crisis Management Elective at Columbia Engineering

Logos Consulting Group is pleased to note that Logos President Helio Fred Garcia has launched a new elective, Advanced Leadership: Crisis Management for Engineers, for graduate students at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, also known as Columbia Engineering.

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Logos Participates in Religions for Peace Board Meeting

Religions for Peace is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition, and has been a Logos pro bono publico client for 15 years. Logos President Helio Fred Garcia has been on its Board of International Trustees for six years. In Mid-October to Board and Religions for Peace’s World Council of religious leaders met in Rome to plan for the 2019 World Assembly of Religions for Peace.

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“Trust is the natural consequence of expectations and promises that are fulfilled. So, you restore trust by fulfilling promises.”

— Logos President Helio Fred Garcia quoted by Bloomberg