Leaders change the world. But they don’t do it alone.

They ignite others toward a common cause. They inspire others to believe in their vision of a better world. Of a kinder world. Of inclusion. Of peace. Of justice. Of so much more.

At Logos Consulting Group, we believe in this world and we see this world in the work that we do. Our mission is to build a better world by equipping people to become leaders who ignite change in the world for the good.

We do this by helping our clients inspire those who matter to them to make a difference in their own industries and communities, and the world at large. We advise and coach our clients in three key areas: crisis managementcrisis communication; and executive coaching.

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Perhaps the Largest Failure of Leadership in U.S. History

With two hundred thousand American fatalities so far, three quarters of which could have been prevented through decisive and consistent leadership, Trump’s handling of COVID-19 may be more than the failure of a leadership test of a lifetime. It may well be the worst handled crisis, and the most significant failure of leadership, in United States history.

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The Next 18 Years

This past Friday marked the 18th anniversary of Logos Consulting Group. On this anniversary, I am excited to share with you not only where the firm has been, but also where we are going. We were founded in 2002 during a recession (granted, not as dire as now). We...
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Crisis Management Lessons 15 Years After Hurricane Katrina

The column was also featured in CommPro.biz. The fifteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's making landfall is upon us, with two separate hurricanes now threatening the southern Gulf states. Anniversaries are opportunities to take stock and to look back and reflect...
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Worth Reading – Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict, by Tony Jaques, PhD

Tony Jaques has written a masterful guide to managing the natural tension between lawyers and communicators. Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict is a highly readable guide to effective and respectful interaction among lawyers, communicators, and business leaders.

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“Trust is the natural consequence of expectations and promises that are fulfilled. So, you restore trust by fulfilling promises.”

— Logos President Helio Fred Garcia quoted by Bloomberg